Yay, another color illustration for my art…blog? !

I had so much fun creating this piece using Procreate and experimenting with its various features. The result was a cyberpunk-themed background. I really like the vibe.

As for the characters, they are two of my new original characters (OCs), although they are still unfinished at the moment. I’m still working on this project. But for now, it’s called „Cybot“. What I find most interesting about this artwork is the background, which I spent a lot of time perfecting.

The cyberpunk theme was a new challenge for me, but I was so absorbed in the process of creating it that I couldn’t stop painting. Normally, my backgrounds are just either white or dark grey, depending on the color palette of the painting, but this time I decided to get creative witch the different features procreate provides.

I’m really proud of how the background turned out, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Do you think it complements the characters well? Or maybe it should have been toned down a bit more to let the characters stand out more?

I’m open to feedback and would love to hear your opinions!

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