This is a characterdesign that’s based on the maincharacter of a book that I am writing with my sibling. The drawing was created about a week or two ago. This one is called Avory (she/her). Like I said, the design is based on the maincharacter of a fantasy medieval book that I am writing with my sibling. I just got a little creative with the outfit here, so just so you know, that’s not actually what she’s wearing on a daily basis. However, I liked the idea of designing some fancy outfits for her and her five friends (they will be following right up).

And I liked to try out a new rendering art style. One that’s a little more glowing and shiny. For the clothes, I wanted to make it look like the colors were glowing, so I added a new layer on top of the base color. With a soft basic brush, I roughly sketched the shape of their clothes again, but a little smaller than the actual clothes underneath. Then I filled it out and softened the edges with the blending tool. The smooth edges should make it look like there was light coming from a not-so-bright light source in front of the girl. Then I switched the adjustment on the layer from „Normal“ to „Add“ and lowered the opacity.

So, what do you think? 🙂

Also, I’m really bad at drawing feet. It just sucks. They always look like goblin claws, really. Next Design will be a characterdesign without feet lmao. So, I’m not too sad that I had to cut them out because of the format. It was way too large, so instead of chopping off their gorgeous hair, I got rid of their feet instead. I uploaded it on Instagram first, which was kind of a mistake since Instagram doesn’t accept pictures with a different format than theirs, so I either had to crop out the bottom part or the top part.

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