Last Fantasy-Costume so far… I still have three more to go until this project is done, but i cant really find the time to paint rn… : (

Anywayssss, say hello to Arion! This is a new Costume design that I combined with one of my older OC’s. He’s sporting a light royal blue seethrough longsleeve (Onlyssleeve lol) matching bloomers made from the same see-through fabric. The outfit is completed with a set of silver jewelry, featuring sapphire stones, and a crytal-earring.

„I wanted to create an eye-catching look for Arion that would make any observer wonder whether he always walks around dressed like that. And the answer is yes, he does. This isn’t his usual outfit, but it’s pretty close, and it matches his overall clothing style.

When my mom saw this she made a funny face saying something like „wow he’s a very good looking dude“… And when even my mom says that… Then he must really be pulling this fit off. At this point he’s just slaying.

Overall, I’m really happy with how Arion turned out, and I hope you enjoy this picture too. Stay tuned for more character or costume designs and illustrations coming your way soon!

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